Authorship, Roles, and Citation in the archeoViz Ecosystem for Online Visualisation and Presentation of Archaeological Data

Roles and Products


Three roles are defined in the archeoViz Portal metadata:

  • Excavator: the person (or responsible) who excavated a site and produced archaeological observations. This role matches the “Investigation” role in the CRediT taxonomy.
  • Data Creator: the person who created the computer file representing the archaeological observations made by the excavator. This role matches the CRediT “Data Curation” role.
  • Data Editor (optional): the person who potentially reprocessed the dataset made by the data creator to reformat it to the archeoViz format. This role also matches the CRediT “Data Curation” role.


These three roles correspond to different types of products. Each of them must be cited independently:

  • Scientific studies: papers and book published about the site or assemblage. In the archeoViz Portal, these documents are not referenced in the metadata but are cited on the related instance homepage.
  • Data sets: if a dataset has been published online, it is referenced in the metadata (using an URL or a DOI is available). For example, the doi of the Barger Gulch dataset published in tDAR is 10.48512/XCV8458541.
  • Reprocessing Workflow: typically, a R script to adapt a published dataset to the archeoViz format. For example, the doi of the reprocessing code for the Barger Gulch dataset is 10.5281/zenodo.7946982.

archeoViz Instances are Publications and are Citable

For each archeoViz static instance, a record is created in the
repository, making it possible to cite this static instance. The roles included in the citation depend on the specificities of each case.

For example, the archeoViz instance related to the Le Flageolet dataset only include the data creator:

Second example, the citation of the Barger Gulch archeoViz instance include the data creator (who is also the excavator) and the data editor:

Authorship of the archeoViz Application

The archeoViz application is published as an R package on the CRAN repository. Consequently, the roles defined in this repository are applied:

  • Author (authors who have made substantial contributions to the package): Sébastien Plutniak.
  • Creator (package maintainer): Sébastien Plutniak.
  • Contributors (authors who have made smaller contribution): used for the translators, i.e. Renata Araujo, Sara Giardino, Julian Laabs.

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