Use cases of the archeoViz Application for Spatial Archaeological Data

Use it

Do you want to use archeoViz?


Do you want to deploy an online archeoViz instance for your data?

  1. Prepare your dataset,
  2. check it with an online instance,
  3. deploy your archeoViz instance
    • either on the Shiny server of your choice:
      • Posit Connect,
      • huma-num,
      • your institution’s Shiny server,
      • your own Shiny server (on AWS, etc.);
    • or write to the maintainers to deploy it on the huma-num servers.

They use it

The archeoViz package is used or used in collaboration with the following institutions and projects:

The tDAR repository

The tDAR repository is an online archive for archaeological and historic preservation information run by the Center for Digital Antiquity, Arizona State University (USA).

The Tute du Pèlerin Excavation Project

The Tute du Pèlerin is a Middle Palaeolithic site in the northern side of the Pyrenees Mountains (France). The excavation project is directed by Théo Minet (University of Toulouse, France).

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